My name is Janna and I am a lifestyle photographer based out Prince Albert and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan however I travel all over for great images! I was born and raised in Saskatoon,SK but since marrying my handsome husband we have moved around to various places due to his work. It has not always been easy for me to adapt to a new city/town but I always have  my camera with me and am committed to capturing stories of people we meet along the way.

Growing up my Dad always dabbled in photography and enjoyed taking pictures, he was always bringing home new rolls of film he had developed and I could never wait to open up the envelope to see what was inside.  Whenever we would go over to someones house I always would pour over their family albums….literally I would always ask even people I did not know that well. My grandmothers photographic albums were the ones I enjoyed the most, as they contained her entire life right in front of me from her early days on. She documented everything so well and always included dates and locations handwritten on the back of each photograph. She is gone now and that is all we have left.

In University I obtained a Fine Arts Degree with a major In Photography  from the University  of Saskatchewan and then I went on to get my Bachelors In Education with a major in Secondary Arts Education from the University of Calgary.  After University I taught high school Art/Photography for 7 years. We had my son Jack in 2010 and I have since “retired” from teaching.  Our second son Tucker came along in 2013 and finally a baby girl named Maxwell completed our family October of 2016. My goal as a photographer is to capture your family memories and freeze those moments in time you never want to forget. Your children do not get any younger so its my goal to capture today what you want to remember tomorrow