Where do you shoot newborn?

In my studio or in your home if you prefer!

When should we book our newborn session?

It is best to contact me prior to baby being born and we can set up a tentative date 5-12 days past your due date. Babies do not often arrive on time so we can change the date according to when he or she decides to join you in life.

Do you have props  that we can use?

My style of newborn portraiture is very simple and organic. I do not do posed shots or use props. I have learned over the years that simple is timeless for years to come.   To begin the session I always start with family portraits, the move on to mom and baby, dad and baby and of course siblings  followed by just images of baby alone.

How long will the session be?

1 hour. I do not do epic long newborn sessions….. its not fun for anyone involved in my opinion.  We do take breaks and allow baby to feed  as needed. I suggest bringing a bottle of pumped milk or formula to the session if possible…. any type of feeding is great but if we have a little extra supply on had  we know baby will be well fed  and content. Please feed your baby prior to meeting so that they are all set to go. If siblings are coming along (which I hope) please feed them to….. and pack them snacks. Kids get hungry and fed kids are happy kids.

What should we bring?

– well fed baby

– a simple white onesie with no writing or patterns on it.

– a  back up shirt for dad……babies love to pee on my Dad’s for some reason.

– a  bottle of extra milk/formula if at all possible.

– if you have a special blanket, quilt or book please bring those along  to incorporate into the session.  Again I do not do props and posing but incorporating a family heirloom or special something is always welcomed.

Will we be in the pictures?

Yes I sure hope so. You just spent 40 weeks growing this little one inside of you and they are still very much connected to you ….that bond is magic and something you will cherish forever. OK dad didn’t grow baby in his belly but we want him in the pictures as well. My favorite shot I do for everyone is babies tiny little head in Daddy’s strong hands.

What should we wear?

My sessions are all very light and ethereal therefore I ask clients to wear soft colors like creams, whites, or gray. Stay away from dark colors, patterns and any type of writing. Moms I suggest a maxi dress and I have a few on hand to lend out.  please have your hands manicured to the best of your ability post baby…I know this is tough but new polish looks great. Dads look great in a plain well fitting t-shirt….I do not love collars on shirts for dad so try and keep the neckline clean.

Do you offer make up?

Yes I do! I know the days after baby is born can be a blur and getting a shower in can be tough let alone getting a full face of make up on. I have a few great make-up artists I suggest so please contact me for details after you book.

Can siblings be in the portraits?

Absolutely these are my favorite images to create…even though they can be tough depending on the age of the siblings. There is nothing more special than watching your existing children become siblings for the first time.

How long after the session will the images be ready?

I will send you an online viewing gallery of your images 3 to 4 week after your session. You will then select the image you would like to order from that gallery. After your selections are made I will send along your final images the following week.