Why YOU Need To Book An Outdoor Motherhood Session ASAP

In my blog post Top 5 Reasons To Book A Motherhood Session ASAP I talked about reasons why booking a motherhood session is so important. As a mother, I realize the importance of stepping out from behind the camera, getting dolled up and taking photos with your babies.

Makeup provided with the session by Jackelyn McLean, Makeup Artist!

As women, we often put everything off, telling ourselves that we’ll get to it someday, but by the time we finally get around to having photos done, our kids aren’t so little any more. There’s no bond like that of a mother and child, and it’s so important to capture that magic as your children grow. While I do love studio sessions, there are SO many amazing benefits to Summertime sessions outdoors. First of all, look at this amazing natural light! I help you choose the perfect time of day for your session to achieve the best lighting possible.

There’s nothing like being outside with your hair blowing in the wind and the natural light making your skin glow. Outdoor sessions also offer lots of space for your kids to run around and be themselves, which allows me to capture authentic smiles and laughter like the photo below.  There’s something about natural scenery that just can’t be recreated in a studio! Look at this beautiful backdrop! I’ll help you choose the best location for your outdoor session.
It often takes a bit of time to settle into a photo session and to feel comfortable enough to let your personality shine though. This is one of the reasons I encourage you to book a full session over a 15 minute mini session. A full session gives us time to get to build a connection. I know you want photos that will last a lifetime, and you can NOT get this kind of look in a short 15 minute mini.
The weather is warming up, and it’s the perfect time to book your Summer outdoor session! Contact me HERE to book yours!

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5 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Cooperate During Family Photos

Getting your kids prepared to cooperate for family photos can be a nail biting experience. I know you want beautiful photos of your family, and I’m SO happy to help create these for you! Here are 5 ways to get your kids to cooperate during family photos. 
1- Make Sure Everyone Is Well Fed

A recently fed baby is most likely to give us those sleepy newborn shots we love so much, while kids with full tummies will be comfortable and content. Nobody can concentrate while hungry, so parents, don’t forget to feed yourselves too!
2- Timing Is Everything

Try not to schedule a photo session during regular nap times for younger children, or immediately after a sports practice, school, or event for older children. You want the kids to be as well rested and non-cranky as possible. Babies are the exception to this, as nap time can be golden for babies and photoshoots. 3- Set Proper Expectations

Before the photoshoot, explain to the kids where you’re going, what will happen, and what you expect of them. Let them know how important these photos are to you, and how excited you are to get them done.

You could even include them in the process by showing them examples of photos and poses beforehand to see what they like. 4- Let Them Be Silly

Although you may want to parent them and shush them when they get too rowdy, be confident that I will direct when needed, and let them be a little silly. You want their true personalities to shine through!

5- Have Fun!

I want your session to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! Relax, enjoy your family, and go with the flow. These sessions are about making memories just as much as they are about capturing them, and I want this to be a fun day to remember. Interested in booking a session? Contact me HERE for more information! 

What To Wear For Maternity Photos | Kiteen’s Closet!

I’m so excited to share this session I did with Kiteen from Kiteen’s Closet! I love this session so much that it was hard to choose just a few photos to share with you. Motherhood and maternity sessions are so special, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to wear. I typically gravitate towards flowy feminine pieces, like the ones featured on Kiteen for this session.

A maxi dress is a great option for several reasons. First and foremost, I want you to be comfortable during your session, and maxi dresses are about as flowy and comfortable as it gets. They’re also incredibly flattering on just about everyone, and if you’re pregnant, they will show off your baby bump perfectly.

For motherhood sessions, or maternity sessions featuring children, don’t feel like you need to match perfectly. Choosing soft neutrals and pastels will create cohesiveness without needing to be too matchy matchy.  If you’re still unsure of what to wear, fear not!

I have an extensive studio wardrobe for moms to choose from! Everything Kiteen was wearing for this session is from my client closet! I also provide an online styling service for the entire family, and would love to help you choose outfits for your session. Providing a wardrobe along with my online styling service saves you time and the stress of figuring out your wardrobe. 
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My name is Janna and I currently live in Saskatoon, Sask. I have an in home studio space that I use for shooting newborns, milestones and motherhood sessions.

All in all, I am surviving on coffee and very little sleep but I am happy. I have the privilege to work with absolutely wonderful families who trust me to hold their little bitty babies and honour me with the creation of their memories.  I do feel truly blessed. I would love to meet you and maybe learn a little bit about you and your family!

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