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How is homeschooling going for you? I have to admit I am just about done with it for this year however, I have found a something that is helping me cope with the mom guilt of it all. I came across WONDERBOX on Instagram awhile back and I was instantly intrigued. I am familiar with the concept of STEAM based learning and feel it is such an amazing philosophy. STEAM stands for  SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART and MATH. The idea behind STEAM based learning is that instead of learning disciplines as independent subjects it takes  an interdisciplinary approach and combines the 5 strands together. STEAM aligns with the way we work and problem solve in our daily lives. Making it an exceptional way of instructing and learning. I spoke with the founder of  Wonderbox on the phone  I was so excited to learn about her passion for STEAM learning. Over the years I have tried to purchased educational toys however GOOD ones are actually not that easy to find. Wonderbox makes it easy for me not to have to hunt around an look forever to find great toys my kids will enjoy because they are shipped right to your door with their awesome subscription boxes. You can get a box every month or else once every three months.  These are GREAT for gift giving….. seriously I know grandparents, aunts and uncles are always wondering what to get for kids these days and I personally think a Wonderbox subscription is the perfect solution!!!!

Check out their website here or on Instagram here  !!



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