Candle Lake Beach Session

I had so many wonderful families come up and meet me at the beach last summer and this family was so sweet. They drove up one evening even though they were not staying at the lake for a lovely beach session. I love the outfits Mom chose for everyone as they were perfect for the beach. I know lots of mom’s get stressed out about what to wear but honestly there are so many places that I can direct you to once you book your session. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and have the outfits chosen and ready well in advance so your not running around last minute trying to find last minute details. The thing about the beach is that it is so low maintenance , no shoes required, just shorts, a sundress and a few s miles are all that is needed. This year I am hoping to go deeper into the water at the end of all sessions!!!
Booking is now open for Candle Lake Sessions  now by clicking HERE!!! 

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Janna Gobeil Photography

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