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I have know this fellow momboss aka Gabrielle for about now and she decided to make the drive to come and see me for a ‘branding shoot”. What is a branding shoot? A branding shoot is a session for your business that reflects you and who you are as a brand. Gabrielle has been a hair stylist/make-up artist for a long time now and has recently expanded into growing her brand as a lipsesne distributor. As a business owner you are your brand and social media is KING right now. Having images that reflect who you are and the message/feel you want clients to receive is key. I think these turned out really great:)
A small note on Gabrielle ‘s business which as an entrepreneur this is so cool to me. To be able to add multiple revenue streams to your current business model is such an incredible opportunity. Gabreille and I have both started home based businesses from the ground up and many people believe its ” easy” or “simple” to do so. I am here to tell you that an initial business start like ours costs at a minimum of 25K….minimum once you purchase equipment, lease a space if need be, purchase supplies, business licenses, insurance, , website etc. I don’t know where the misconception came in that small business is easy or cheap because I can attest it is NOT at all!!!!!!
This is where I find the girlboss/momboss movement that is going on right now with multi-level marketing companies a wonderful thing….despite again people misconceptions. For a small investment you can start your own business aka revenue stream with no overhead costly expenses. You have no overhead which is huge, renting a retail location is minimum 24 K a year, you do not have to carry inventory…I cannot even speculate how much this would cost. Your marketing, invoicing, office management is all taken care of and you still get paid. When your supporting a mom in a MLM model of business your helping her pay for her sons hockey, swimming lessons, clothes for her kids the list goes on. When a mom can build business n the mom cracks of life between dance, school and groceries…..that is really amazing!!! When a person buys from a major retail chain or celebrity endorsement aka Kylie Jenner lip kits….BARF…. that money goes to pad the kardiashian empire’s already deep pockets. I support all of my fellow mombosses in any business. I want my money to help your family and not make a retail chain even richer!!! Drop your business link in the comments below so we can share.
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My name is Janna and I currently live in Saskatoon, Sask. I have an in home studio space that I use for shooting newborns, milestones and motherhood sessions.

All in all, I am surviving on coffee and very little sleep but I am happy. I have the privilege to work with absolutely wonderful families who trust me to hold their little bitty babies and honour me with the creation of their memories.  I do feel truly blessed. I would love to meet you and maybe learn a little bit about you and your family!


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