Top 3 Reasons to Book a Grandparent Session Today!

I am not sure why this post even needs such a title but here we go … 3 reasons why you should book a grandparent session.


1. To document your family legacy

I love to help others create generational value with portraits of their family. I personally have very very few images of myself and my grandparents together. What I wouldn’t give to have more of those images today….. but I have no remaining grandparents. If I close my eyes I can picture my grandma’s hands to this day however I have no physical pictures of her hands. I remember the age spots on my Grandpa’s hands they were so distinctive and now when I look at my father’s hands I see the same spots. These pictures allow us to compare how we physically resemble other family members and as the family grows the similarities sometimes dissolve or grow stronger. Adding grandparents to your family photography experience is simply a must we should not deny the future generations.

2. Tomorrow is never promised

I feel like I cannot even type these words as the thought of loosing my parents brings me to my knees but I have no ability to stop the days from coming…  or going. There is no better time than now. Now is the time to document that amazing bond that cannot beat time.

3. It is a timeless gift for those that do not need more.

We live in a day and age where we have everything we need and more literally. If we want something we pick up our phones and Amazon has it at our doorstep in a day. We do not need more “stuff” . We don’t need anymore coffee mugs or gadgets, we need time. These sessions are about freezing time for a moment and saving these memories for your kids to have when the day arrives that their most loves ones can no longer hold or hug them! We also live in a world where grandparents are more involved than ever with helping us raise or kids  so this is such a great way to give back and  say thank you , your cherished .. we love you!!!

I am hosting 2 grandparent mini sessions dates on April 4th and 26th here in Saskatoon. BOOK HERE today:)



My name is Janna and I currently live in Saskatoon, Sask. I have an in home studio space that I use for shooting newborns, milestones and motherhood sessions.

All in all, I am surviving on coffee and very little sleep but I am happy. I have the privilege to work with absolutely wonderful families who trust me to hold their little bitty babies and honour me with the creation of their memories.  I do feel truly blessed. I would love to meet you and maybe learn a little bit about you and your family!


Janna Gobeil Photography

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