Quarantine Portraits

I took these last week on day one of “homeschool” . He wanted to build a lego set. Having my kids at home is truly such a gift although yes at times frustrating as we are settling into a routine. I am thankful my husband is here working from home as well and sharing the load. Truth is we are a family and this is our chance to really bond as a family. Time is the most precious commodity we have and we have all been given more time with our kids now. It is time to be present, soak them in, look at them longer, ask more questions and yes make them do chores!!! We are doing a small version ” homeschool” that is super simple. I find as a former teacher kids are missing out on old school drill and practise in terms of math and reading and there is nothing wrong with bringing it back to the old days of mad minutes and Mr. Mugs phonics:) Also are you not blown away by the amazing online learning resources? The stuff we can all learn online is absolutely amazing!!!
Enjoy this time as you will never have it again!!!

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Janna Gobeil Photography

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