Saskatoon Grad Sessions 2020

Grad sessions are really one of my favourite things to shoot. This is such a HUGE milestone in your child’s life as they have just completed 12 years of school. I bet looking back you can remember their first day of kindergarten with a tear in your eye. Time goes by so fast it literally hurts my heart.I remember my grad preparation with my mom… picking out a dress, shopping and in the end deciding to get one made. We spent hours in the fabric stores and finding the perfect seamstress. My dress was lilac purple and I still love it to this day and guess what I have ZERO pictures to show for it. What I wouldn’t give to have a picture of myself and my mom together from those days. I have decided to extend my promotion from last month into March. All clients that book a grad session this mom will get a free motherhood ( mom and me) session.
Grad sessions must be booked within May/June this year. You can book here right now!

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Janna Gobeil Photography

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