April Skin Care Haul

A little known fact about me…..I am a product junkie and obsessed with skin care and have been since I was 10 years old. I really don’t know where and how it all began but I remember visiting my grandma who always had a cabinet full of lotions and potions I needed to explore. I would sit in her bathroom forever secretly going through all of her skin care, make up and nail polish. She always wore a nude shade of revlon polish and If I close my eyes I can remember exactly what her hands looked like. She had the most delicate almond shaped nails that she took such great care of. There was always a bottle of her polish and a nail file sitting beside her ashtray ….. it was the 80’s ok!!  I remember in grade 5 my friend and I would ride bikes over to shoppers drug mart and we would spend forever just going through as many samples as we could at the time. Oil of Olay green toner was our favourite thing to use because we didn’t really care about  make up… we were too young!!! It was skincare that was our obsession. I swear if I was ever over at your house growing up I had a peak at what you had under your sink or in your cabinet…most likely snagged a scoop  and rubbed in it as quickly as I could!!! I am still a sucker for any great products that promises the latest and greatest.  I have also stumbled across an online group that does at home DIY medical skin procedures and I am totally and utterly obsessed with it. My first purchase after discovering that group has been a microneedling pen  which I have only worked up the nerve to use once but I plan to use it tonight.

Anyways I am sure you heard but Sephora is  having their annual Insider sale right now so I have my online cart stocked up with some skin care I have been wanting for awhile now. You can check out what I have loaded up below. I am not saying I am going to check out with all of that in my cart but this is currently what I have in there!!!

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