Saskatoon Studio Maternity

I am often asked when is the best time to get Maternity portraits taken. My answer is usually between 29-32 weeks as this is usually when your coming to the end of your pregnancy but your not totally over it yet! If you are getting portraits done with younger siblings just like Lindsay did here, it is a good idea to be in a state where you can still comfortably move around. Waiting past 32 weeks it simply just gets harder to move about while expecting. My maternity clients have access to my studio wardrobe for their session which makes getting ready for it so much easier.
I am really excited to photograph this family next month when their new bundle arrives. Being a part of of these huge milestones in families lives really truly means a lot to me. I am predicting a girl for this crew so stay tuned as they have no idea what they are having!!!

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Janna Gobeil Photography

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