My Everyday

I  am always wanting to capture more ‘moments” of my boys. Real life, not a posed cute set up.  I hesitate to do so with my “good camera” because well its darn expensive and I hate having it sit out. It is always safely tucked away so nobody can grab it.  Today I had some alone time with this guy while Jack was at preschool and I decided to capture a few moments. I just fed him breakfast and he proceeded to run yogurt through his hair so I plopped  him in the tub for a rinse. Tucker loves bathes so convincing him to hop it was not a problem:)

This is his new signature move!!! Now this truly is my everyday life documented  because guess what Tucker did……. Yep he pooped in the tub. We call this kid the Tub Crapper because he does this  more often than you would like to know! Pretty proud this guy my tub pooper!!!  Moments like this are not meant to be forgotten:)  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my everyday. It is my goal to capture more of these moments…maybe less poop!

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Janna Gobeil Photography

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