Mom and Me Session in the Blossoms

Mom and me sessions by Janna Gobeil

I have been a professional photographer since 2008 before I was a wife or mother. I started out shooting weddings as that was the season of life I was in at the time as a recent newlywed. Since having kids everything has changed as I am sure you could easily predict. I had my first child in 2010 and here we are him about to turn 7 and I could bawl right now just thinking about it. Now if you ask me too show you pictures of him since he was born….I could literally show you thousands. If you asked to see a portrait of him and I together I could maybe scrounge up a handful…….. and that statement right there makes me literally cry. I know better. I know there is no reason to hide and shy away from the camera but I do ALL the time and that is something I am working on.
That said motherhood has changed the course of my life and my work. In this season of my life and photography career I am absolutely passionate about capturing moms with their children no matter how old they may be. Nobody can love a child they way their mom does… nobody. I want my kids to KNOW that I loved them with every piece of me and I hope I can capture this feeling for others. This session was just that!!!! These two had an amazing connection and their love was just palpable. Hold them just a little bit longer, snuggle them when they ask you to, read one more story and take one more picture WITH them…… you will never regret it!


My name is Janna and I currently live in Saskatoon, Sask. I have an in home studio space that I use for shooting newborns, milestones and motherhood sessions.

All in all, I am surviving on coffee and very little sleep but I am happy. I have the privilege to work with absolutely wonderful families who trust me to hold their little bitty babies and honour me with the creation of their memories.  I do feel truly blessed. I would love to meet you and maybe learn a little bit about you and your family!


Janna Gobeil Photography

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