Tucker & Jack attempt #1

I cannot believe this is my first official post about Tucker as these pictures do him no justice. Tucker Joseph was born May 1st and we are now a happy family of 4 and I am surrounded by boys! I had my good friend Jennifer Veitch come to the hospital to document the day Tucker was born and I will be sharing some of those images soon. I had Jenn come and do Tucker’s official newborn pics as well because she is an AMAZING newborn photographer and I knew I had to have her do them. The day she came to do the newborn pics Jack was at daycare so we could not get any sibling shots. Today 25 days after Tucker was born I thought I would attempt some……..WOW what an epic failure on my part. I am posting these because it was a total gong show and soooo not easy to do. I often have parents ask for sibling shots and I have come to conclude it is almost an impossible task with children under the age of 2!!! As you can see from my assistant/husband’s face it was quite the attempt!!! I might try this again soon, or maybe not!!!!

Jack just lay there nicely and wrap your arm around Tucker.

” I want to hold Tucker’s hand” usually means can I squeeze his hand really hard.

” I don’t want a brother” is what he literally said here.

Kim trying to get Tucker out of the headlock.

Kim THRILLED to be helping me!

” I need to kiss Tucker”

Tucker telling us what he really thinks!

Just because he is filling out soooooo sweetly!!!!


My name is Janna and I currently live in Saskatoon, Sask. I have an in home studio space that I use for shooting newborns, milestones and motherhood sessions.

All in all, I am surviving on coffee and very little sleep but I am happy. I have the privilege to work with absolutely wonderful families who trust me to hold their little bitty babies and honour me with the creation of their memories.  I do feel truly blessed. I would love to meet you and maybe learn a little bit about you and your family!


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